R-Rated Strippers Sydney

Are you looking for the best R-rated strippers Sydney has? You’ll want to meet our amazing girls! If you’re planning a bucks night but don’t want to go “too” far maybe the hens are just around the corner, or maybe your favourite guy is a little bit shy you can always choose R-rated strippers from Strippers Sydney NSW. Compared to our “no holds barred” triple X show, this one is a little bit more tame, but no less HOT! Prepare to enjoy: Our girl will do an R-rated strip that will make your star invitee think twice about the wedding!

We hire only the best R-rated strippers Sydney can offer, including professional models who have appeared on the front cover and centrefold of Playboy, Zoo Magazine and even Penthouse. These girls love what they do and they can't wait to put on a show that will leave you wanting more! Once you call us, we arrange everything to make sure our hot stripper shows up to be the life of the party. You'll get a quick call when she's about ten minutes away. Help us out by getting your friend seated and blindfolded then prepare for the surprise to end all surprises!

Our girl will do a dramatic reveal followed by the sexiest strip tease and exotic dance you've ever seen. There's no touching the girls from Strippers Sydney NSW but you won't have to, they're just that hot! To make things even more spicy and special for you, we also offer everyone's favourite fetish costumes including school girl, police woman and much, much more. Our girl will perform to a CD she provides, and may need a moment to change and ready the music. If you don't have a CD player where you're staying, just let us know you'll see why these are the R-rated strippers Sydney is wild for!

Our R-rated strip tease lasts between fifteen and thirty minutes depending on arrangements you make about how far it's to go. There's no recording or photo taking, so make sure your whole gang is there to see it in person! Naturally, we'll also have to ask you to keep under-18s out of the room. No worries, though, as these are the best R-rated strippers Sydney has; you'll want to call on them again and again for all your special events! To make sure our customers are satisfied, we ask you to text us and tell how it went.