Lingerie Waitresses Sydney

Planning a party? Need the lingerie waitresses Sydney prefers? Yes, you too can have your own private army of lingerie waitresses for your event whether it's a birthday party, bucks party or anything in between. Our lingerie waitresses are waiting for your call: Select the ones of your choice and let us know your desires! We scour Sydney, Australia and the world for the hottest models to serve as lingerie waitresses and spend their time making your parties special. You've probably seen some of our girls on the cover of Playboy, Penthouse, or other fine magazines of the kind!

For the best lingerie waitresses Sydney has to offer, you may want to pick one or several of our girls. No matter how many you select, they'll arrive to your party and quickly get changed into hot, slinky lingerie to begin their rounds for the evening. Yes, our girls are there to serve your food and drinks, but that's not all they can do. Several of our girls are experienced poker players and dealers who will be glad to add that Hollywood flair to your event. All you have to do is say the word and she'll make the event even more special!

Now, guys, there are a couple quick rules that allow us to find and bring you the hottest lingerie waitresses Sydney, or anywhere else in Australia, has to offer. First off, no touching: If you scare your girl off, she gets to come home with full pay and there are no refunds. Second, no recording of any kind sorry! (If you want to be sure your friends will believe what happened, invite them, too!) Third and last, keep the under-18s out of the room they've got to wait for this kind of smoking hot party until they're older.

Whether you're looking for lingerie waitresses, strippers, or exotic dancers, we have you covered like no other company in Sydney. Only Strippers Sydney NSW has the top team of lingerie waitresses Sydney loves to see at their events. Remember, though, a waitress is just a waitress to make your party the greatest of all time, we make available as many strippers or waitresses as you want. Call ahead for the best chance to get the girl you desire. When the party is over, be sure to call us at to give us the scoop on how the girls did!